Closed: Bingo House


No redirction has been set up to a different site so if you have any queries about any account you may have held at Bingo House before it closed then you may want to try the support channels shown below.

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About Bingo House

Bingo House has been around a long time and is one of the early additions to the Dragonfish network. In mid-2017 it is still waiting for some love and attention to make it look anything like the more recent additions to the network and it still boasts the three times weekly £1million game as its highpoint.

That being the case it does not detract from the standard of the games inside and they are just the same as you will find at most other sites on the network, so you get the same prizes and player security as anywhere else.

Make new friends alongside the long time members and see what makes them return time and again. Good quality games are the key – both bingo and slots.

Help and support

  • Tel: 0800 901 2510 – available 24/7