Closed: Health Bingo


The site contacted members with instructions regarding any balances as after that date remaining funds were removed.

If you have any queries you could contact by email with any account queries.

The operator is opening Health Games instead and players details will be migrated to that, but not any balances. Passwords will need to be reset.

A little about Health Bingo

You may have heard of the Health Lottery, it has been running since 2011 and draws are held every week over the UK. Health Bingo is the official bingo partner of The Health Lottery and it is a site that donates 20% of its profits to good causes. You can support great causes up and down the country by playing your favourite bingo and games at Health Bingo.

The design of the bingo site is lovely and bright, the colour scheme is blue and white and it features a very jazzy logo, the same logo as the Health Lottery – which is a heart rainbow with coloured balls at the end. You can see from the welcome page exactly what you can receive when you join the Health Lottery. You can see a small bingo schedule, the latest welcome offer, latest winners and a selection of the top rated games.