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Vernons Bingo Review

Vernons Bingo is Closing on 12th November 2019

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Vernon's Bingo Closed in November 2019

Vernons and Vernons Bingo closed on 12th November 2019, with players being directed to try another site from the same stable, Jackpot 247 – but you won’t find any online bingo there right now, unfortunately. However, the FAQs relating to the closure of Vernon’s does refer to an upgrade in software at Jackpot247 and does mention bingo, so this might be about to change. Existing players will have their accounts transferred to this alternative brand automatically.

The following information is retained for reference purposes only:

A Quick Look at Vernons Bingo

Vernons Bingo is probably the closest you’ll get to a perfect bingo gaming site. From a lively social site laden with generous bonuses to exciting bingo and casino games, you’ll enjoy ’round the clock gameplay on both your mobile and desktop. You’ll also enjoy exceptional customer service from professional support agents as well as flexible banking options.






Ongoing Specials & VIP Programme

Creating your account and making your first wager qualifies you to start earning loyalty points which you can later redeem for bingo and games bonuses. You’ll also be showered with numerous daily and weekly promotions such as the Daily Bingo Linx, the Breakfast Club, Lunchtime Special, and Night Owl games promotions. These can be subject to change so it’s always a great idea to check the site. There are also many jackpot games which can boost your funds, and this includes Bingo Blitz, Firefly Jackpot, Money Tree, Star Jackpot, and Snowball Jackpot among others.

Games & Software

Whether you prefer the traditional 90 ball games or the other versions of 75 ball and 80 ball games, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the many bingo rooms provided for each bingo variety. On top of these, you’ll enjoy the unique theme in the naming of the rooms with some named after great television shows such as the Deal or No Deal Bingo and Who Wants to be a Millionaire Bingo. Other interesting rooms are the Bingo Tea Room, Bingo Heaven, Bingo Espresso and the Ball Room. To make gaming more interesting, there are many chat games that will keep you busy competing with other roomies in the pursuit of some prizes.

You’ll also be able to play as many games as possible with the low-ticket prices with some going as low as £0.02 and the jackpot prizes reach a really high rate. To save on time, you can pre-buy tickets and check the games schedule to monitor when your favourite games are due to start and the jackpot prizes up for grabs.

Slots & Casinos

  • Type of games: Sports, Slots, table games, live dealer, scratch cards, video poker, and jackpots
  • Games: Virtual Sports, in-play sports betting, video slots, TV-themed slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, scratch cards, roulette, live dealer, and arcade games.

How to Deposit & Cash Out


If you’re eager to fund your account and start playing, you only need to head to your account’s cashier section to choose the most convenient method. This includes the use of credit cards, Delta, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard. The minimum amount that you can deposit is £10 while you can deposit a maximum of £3,000 per transaction. You can make more transactions if you want to put in a higher deposit of more than £3,000. There are no charges by the casino for players making deposits.

 Cashing out

You don’t have to sweat it when cashing out your winnings since there are many payment methods that are supported at the site. This includes the use of PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and card payments. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is £10, but you can also withdraw less than £10 at a charge of £1.50. The maximum amount you can withdraw in a single transaction is £5,000. The withdrawals are processed within 72 hours and thereafter take 3 to 5 working days to be available in your selected account.

We enjoyed the ease of depositing funds thanks to the efficient and convenient methods that will see you funding your account instantly and accessing your winnings within a reasonable period. However, we would appreciate faster payouts especially in the processing times for consistent gamers.

The Community

If you are among the type of gamers who are strong supporters of social media, you’ll definitely feel at home at here. This is because you’ll not only enjoy socialising with other roomies in the games, but you’ll also participate in the exciting chat games on Facebook where you can win unique prizes. Vernons Bingo UK has a strong presence on their Facebook page with the account providing helpful information about responsible gambling and any promotions that are being held. You’ll also be able to follow them on Twitter at Stan the Pug@Vernons Bingo and the same credentials on Instagram too. Here, you can interact with other Vernon Bingo fans and discuss the site and its operations.

The site also has information about their professional chat hosts, and you can get to know about their personal details to understand them better as you communicate with them. The chat hosts’ page presents the chat hosts bio and helps you develop a personal attachment to them, further enhancing the closeness of the community.

Take Vernons Bingo with You

The Vernons Bingo mobile site is accessible on Android and iOS smartphones or tablets on instant-play where you only need an internet connection in order to access the site on the go. You can also download the Vernons Bingo app on the App Store for iOS devices.

The layout resembles the desktop one and you can easily scroll through the menus while navigating the site. The site doesn’t hang, and you’ll actually be impressed with the fast loading times and clear graphics. You’ll also have access to the full range of bingo rooms as well as most slots and casino games on your mobile device.

Our Take on Vernons Bingo

Vernons Bingo is definitely the site to be for all your bingo and casino games. We’re pleased with the large bingo games variety and the unique ways to win in the bingo rooms. The lively and helpful chat hosts also make gaming at the site worthwhile. Coupled with the many prizes that you can scoop up in the jackpots, chat games, and promotions sections, we really can’t find much fault with this amazing bingo site. Therefore, we confidently rate the site a solid 4.5 star. If you’re a serious bingo player, it’s high time you create an account here to take advantage of the unbelievable welcome bonus and other promotions.

Have your say!

We would love to hear about your experience at the site as this will also help other bingo players make an informed decision about playing at the site. Please also let us know if our Vernons Bingo review has been of assistance to you.

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Tuesday September 4th, 2018
User Rating:

Avoid go elsewhere! got to be the worst one yet! Deposited and not one win in £70, keep away and play elsewhere. you have more chance on the lottery and that’s saying something.

Friday June 23rd, 2017
User Rating:

I wouldn’t use this site, I’ve spent a lot over the last few months on here and all I seem to get is under £15 (every 3-4 weeks) same “people” win all the time… how can the same people magically have winning tickets 4 out of 5 games??

Monday September 19th, 2016
User Rating:

wudnt waste ur money on this site! deposited £5 to get 25 bonus…only to be told i cudnt get it cos i won 17p n left 1p in my acc which i cudnt spend cos no 1p games..criteria was to spend £5 on because of 17p win which was used 1st instead of my cash bal of 1p left so their sayin i only spent £4.99!

Friday July 22nd, 2016
User Rating:

I have been with Vernons for a while now and I have to say it’s my favourite bingo site. It has its own rooms (heaven and playroom) with typically 10 to 30 players so it’s not too long between wins. There are free games throughout the day and frequent weekly promotions. There are also VIP rooms once or twice a week for which qualification is required (sometimes as little as a 1p cash wager!). The cms are generally friendly and well informed and it has all the other networked rooms that you would expect to find on a vf site.
I do have two criticisms of the site though:
1) There is a lot of misandry in the (single) chat room that goes beyond the good natured banter that you find on other sites. My advice to any males joining the site would be to use a gender neutral chat name and not get involved in the ‘aren’t men useless’ rhetoric that goes on throughout the day.
2) The request for proof of ID goes beyond what is reasonable. I had been playing on the site for over a year and had made several deposits and withdrawals when I was suddenly asked to send photo ID (driving licence or passport) plus photocopies of all bank cards used to deposit plus a recent utility bill. This I provided and everything was fine for 6 months or so until I was then asked to send a selfie of myself holding my driving licence up to my face. I had a couple of attempts rejected because they could not read the details on my licence whilst my face was in focus (difficult with a camera phone!). I had to get a friend with an SLR camera to take a photo which eventually satisfied them. I am not unique in this regard, other players have reported the same issues when making a withdrawal.

Overall though Vernons is a great site and I would recommend it to other players so long as you keep the above caveats in mind .

Tuesday March 1st, 2016
User Rating:

I don’t usually bother with reviews but Vernons is such a GREAT site. I’ve been lucky had quite a few big wins on this site, friendly cms and great offers. Like the layout. Love it. My favorite site at present 🙂

Wednesday January 20th, 2016
User Rating:

One of the worst sites on the playtech/VF network. Have been locked out of the account on several occasions, due to “technical issues”. The customer service staff take forever to reply, sometimes they don’t even bother. Chances of winning are scant, the free bingo they promise for a month only occurs on a Tuesday – same winning names each week – that is the weeks I was actually able to login.
The Casino side is a farce as well, very low payouts and I did not receive the promised welcome bonus.
I wont be playing here again, wish I had read the comments below before I joined.

Friday December 4th, 2015
User Rating:

Vernons use to be my favourite site, even though the same 2 players win every day and nearly every game, but that did not really bother me. I continued to play until one day i won £10 after losing £50, so i decided to take the money. They refused to give me unless i gave them, ID’s, bank details etc etc. I have never won big money, so for a tenna i could not see what the big deal was about. They then closed my account as i refused send them my details (the request from vernons came the same day as the talk talk security breach). Then sent me an email that i have £10 in my bonus fund and they have reopened my account. I felt like reporting them to the watchdog, but didn’t. However they still have my money so i may have to report them one day. Stay away from this site.

Tuesday March 8th, 2016

It is ok to ask for ID’s and bank details. That is for security purpose. It is a right practice and i see no reason why you deny them. I think every site does that but exceptions are always there.

Sunday May 22nd, 2016

Obviously it’s ok to ask for ID, but some of the onus has to be on the site operator to have clear guidelines about the ID it requires. Versons merely says it can ask for whatever they like and has no accepted document list. It also accepts paypal and mastercard as deposit yet wont refund back by the same method. I’m amazed they’re allowed to operate like this!

Saturday March 14th, 2015
User Rating:

I joined Vernons Bingo yesterday 13/03/2015 and this must be the worst site I have ever played. Constantly same winners, the slots never payout more than the stake, and when you make a comment cm are very rude. I think which should revisit. I have played 500.00 today and nothing! After my last few games I am closing this account and will make sure anyone I know never joins it! Rubbish site and CMs who only seem to chat to the moaning crowd.

Wednesday February 11th, 2015
User Rating:

I’ve just closed my account with this site. Played here for a couple off years and withdrew money and all off a sudden needed to send copies of passport, bill, debit card. Told them to keep it as they where quick enough to take my deposits. Play other sites for years never once had this problem.

Wednesday November 12th, 2014
User Rating:

I joined Vernons Bingo 2 days ago, but they didn’t let me play and locked my account. Only got the sign up email and my first try to login …the account was locked . This happened because im not in the UK. First of all I always check every website terms and conditions and seemed ok to join. My country was on their list when i signed up. I`m in Europe and I`ll never understand why someone from Zimbabwe could sign up and I can’t . Most of the big websites have absolutely no problem with people outside Uk .

Monday June 16th, 2014
User Rating:

I’m new to Vernons Bingo so early days for me. It has the games I like and I won a bit, but for me it has some major drawbacks.
Firstly and most importantly, because my bank card is a mastercard debit card it seems to be impossible for me to withdrawl! Withdrawals to my card are not allowed and there are no options to withdrawl to bank!!
I tried ringing help but they cant do anything until I’ve sent ID. I did this and am still waiting, an automated reply said I should get a reply within 24 hours but I’ve heard nothing despite a reminder email. Not impressed with the lack of withdrawal facilities, the ID requests or lack of response from support. Hopefully Vernons will resolve these issues soon.

Monday June 9th, 2014
User Rating:

I have been playing on Vernons Bingo for a couple of weeks, you have very little chance of winning on the bingo, same names coming up all the time. The slots are terrible. I put in £30 one day in a slot and won nothing – that is bad. This site needs to be checked I am sure there is a percentage the slots have to pay. My advice take your money elsewhere.

Saturday March 1st, 2014
User Rating:

I joined vernons, and loved the site till i won, then they wanted my id sending, bank card passport and a bill statement which i did. oh and a picture of me holding my passport, they got all my details which is still not good enough now they are sending me a letter to sign before i get my winnings. Its a wonder when they get my letter back they dont check it for my fingerprints – not a happy chappie and when i get my winnings will not be going back.

Monday June 24th, 2013
User Rating:

Really slow getting onto the site, took ages to load up, rooms are very confusing, people in chat were very rude. CM didn’t say anything to people who were rude/nasty to others, just seemed to say wd to winners etc. Poor payouts, prize money and bonuses on slots were terrible, would say overall worst site I’ve played on.

Friday May 24th, 2013
User Rating:

Joined the new Vernons Bingo site, as advertised on TV. I had a win £75 on slots. (spent £65 to get it) I have now been advised that withdrawals take 5 working days, and with a weekend in it, will now take 8 days, this is normal practise.
This is just to advise folk of what it doesn’t tell you when you register. My view being this is far too long to take to process a withdrawal.

Wednesday February 20th, 2013
User Rating:

I joined Vernons Bingo – deposited £10 and once i wagered my £10 i got my £30 free, but i have not since been able to get on it to play my bonus money. Don’t know if anything is wrong with this site or not, but if anyone else has had trouble or not will you comment plz.

Thursday May 9th, 2013

Same here, can’t even get on the web site, driving me mad now.

Monday April 8th, 2013

Same here. I deposited 20 pounds and once my real money had been spent was kicked off and not able 2 get back in. Did u find a solution?

Saturday December 8th, 2012
User Rating:

I joined and deposited £10 and didn’t receive the 200% bonus promised, Then i kept getting booted of and locked out! Finally when i managed to actually play a game of bingo ticket prices were really high with way too many people in the room. My advice spend your money elsewhere

Wednesday December 5th, 2012
User Rating:

Since Vernons Bingo left the St Minver licence in Gibraltar and moved to Sportech in Alderney the prizes have been better. Also really love the extra chances to win like the race in bingo games, lucky numbers or last chance saloon.

Wednesday November 14th, 2012
User Rating:

I have just joined Vernons Bingo, made a deposit of 20 pound and now i can’t even get on the site to play. So i have account with money on and i can’t even play. As i try to log in all it say its crashed. I try to get on this site on 2 different computers so not really good start when u depo and then next thing get booted then can’t get back on. I been trying for 3 hours now.

Monday February 18th, 2013

omg! I joined today put 35 on spent 20 of it now I’m locked out. Games page won’t load and it still has my money ..I just got mugged…….18/2/13

Wednesday February 6th, 2013

I had the exact same problem saying that i needed to send them birth certificate driving licence etc. So i wrote to them and just said i want them to let me on my account to delete my card details and i want my money putting back in the account and they did it in 48hours, so just do that and now i can get on the account and still have my free bonus so try it.

Friday November 23rd, 2012

I can’t get on site. Been trying for a week and I have money on too. Not good at all.

Thursday November 15th, 2012

I had problems with this site too. I’d log in and it’d take ages to log me in. Then I’d go on Bingo and it’d take ages to load the page. Not great! Just keep trying you’ll get on eventually.

Sunday October 14th, 2012
User Rating:

Thank God Vernons has moved from St Minver – much better bingo!

Friday October 12th, 2012
User Rating:

Vernons Bingo is another site that’s jumped on the already over flooded virtue fusion network,. I’ve been playing Lucky Numbers bingo since the game launched, but will not be playing anymore. Far too many playing now, totally ruined that’s my view. Went down hill when Gala done its changeover. Too hard to win on now. Pretty sure the regs who always play Lucky Numbers will slowly leave, leaving these linked games to be played by a constant flow of newbies.

Friday June 29th, 2012
User Rating:

Avoid……. I didn’t like the set up at Vernon’s Bingo and the money you can win is rubbish. I deposited £10 to try it out and received a bonus of £20, but i had to wager £200 to be able to withdraw, that’s if i ever won enough to withdraw which would be hard to do as most off the full house winnings were just over £10!!!! The chat rooms were friendly though, but the chat games are rubbish.

Thursday February 14th, 2013

I would avoid. I signed up and deposited £20 to receive the £30 bonus as shown on tv. I won nearly £180 just to find the money goes into my bonus pot and not into my cash account. After trying to get onto the site the next day i couldn’t get the web site up. I have been unable to get onto the site using ff, internet explorer or whatever. After phoning customer services they told me there was no reason i couldn’t get onto the site. I pointed out that i had managed to get on fine when i first signed up. She offered a refund i said I should have at least £50 in cash to come back and she said no that has to pay back the bonus.

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