Closed: Bingo Godz

Bingo Godz closed down in November 2018

A brand new bingo platform came into existence in August 2013 and the very first site to take advantage of it was Bingo Godz. The Bede platform, developed by Gaming Realms which is one of the biggest players in the online gaming arena,  tried to integrate all the bells and whistles of social gaming to the pay to play world, but over time this has had to be scaled back as mobile use became more prevalent.

The site tried to break new ground, but hit trouble almost immediately, failing to live up to the expectations of players wanting to level up to bigger and better games. The software simply could not cope with the demands being put on it. The aim was ambitious and exciting, but over time things got scaled down and taken off, until in the end it was just the same as every other site on the Bede platform.

The end was sudden. If you have any queries about your Bingo Godz account or balance,  contact

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