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 closed bingo sites

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For most aspects this site id say is up there with the best. However when it comes to withdrawal its a very very slow process comp >>>
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I wanted to add a review about the new things at Bingocams, i absolutely love the free lounge which means i can stay playing bingo >>>
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Joined Spinland on the Sunday with £20 deposit and £20 bonus. Lots of games to play. Lost the £20 cash but managed to get to £342 >>>
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Excellent experience so far. All bonuses credited as promised. The site loads well, with fun friendly user interface. Had few smal >>>

It is said that it was the advent of online bingo that contributed to so many high street bingo halls closing down because people were able to play in the comfort of their own homes. While this may have been true to some extent, it turns out that ‘what goes around, comes around’.  Right now more and more online bingo sites are feeling the strain too and the number of sites that are closing is growing at an alarming rate.

With tax rules making it impractical to continue offering massive bonuses, both new bingo sites and sites we thought well-established are struggling to get people ‘in the door’ so to speak and to stay when they do. 2017 saw an unprecedented number of online bingo site closures and 2018 followed suit.

We are now well into 2019 and the number of online bingo site closures has hit record levels never seen before. By April 2019 over 40 online bingo sites had closed down.

If your favourite site is on this list, let us help you find a replacement:



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Closed Bingo Sites Index

Cheggers Bingo Gtech 2012
Wonder Bingo Parlay 2012
50Shades Beast 2013
Bingo Funland Byworth 2013
Bingo770VF 2013
BingoBeez Byworth 2013
Bloke Bingo VF BBN 2013
Blue Square VF2013
BoBo Bingo Parlay 2013
Cyber Bingo UK DF2013
Fierce Bingo DF2013
Fruit Bingo VF BBN 2013
M8ts Parlay 2013
PCH Prizes Prop2013
Popstars Bingo Beast 2013
88Bingo to Gone Cozy2014
Bingo Playground White Hat 2014
Bingo Riot Cozy 2014
Bingon Parlay2014
BJs Bingo GTech 2014
Busy Bingo Cozy 2014
Congo Bingo Cozy2014
Genie Bingo DF2014
Goldfish Cozy 2014
Gramble Cozy 2014
Jackpot Fiesta Cozy 2014
Love Bingo GTech 2014
Paddy Bingo Jump 2014
People Bingo Cashcade 2014
Pogo Bingo GTech 2014
Sunday Mail Cashcade2014
Tickle Bingo Cashcade 2014
WeLuvBingo Cashcade 2014
Benidorm Bingo VF 2015
Bingo Empire Byworth 2015
Bingo Plex Byworth 2015
Bingo Splash Byworth 2015
Closer Bingo VF 2015
heatworld Bingo VF
Imperial Bingo Byworth 2015
Paramount Bingo Byworth 2015
Party Bingo Parlay 2015
Up Your Bingo DF 2015
WinSomething Bingo VF 2015
Yours Bingo VF 2015
Ahoy Bingo Cozy2016
Bejewelled Gamesys2016
Bingo Bulldog Parlay 2016
Bingo Clue Microgaming2016
Bingo Night In DF2016
Bingo Tag DF2016
Bingo Waves DF2016
Butlins Bingo GTech 2016
Castle IGT2016
Club3000IGT 2016
Daily Star &Express IGT 2016
Fairy’s Bingo DF 2016
Get Lucky Bingo DF2016
OK Bingo GTech 2016
One2Go Bingo VF 2016
Park Resorts Parlay 2016
Park Resorts Bingo Parlay 2016
Raw Bingo Cozy 2016
Ruby Bingo VF 2016
Starlight Bingo Cozy 2016
Tickety Boo DF 2016
Tryst Bingo DF 2016
Winneroo DF 2016
188Bet Bingo Micro 2017
4The Game Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
All Stars Bingo Jump 15 2017
Astro Bingo Parlay 2017
Banana Bingo DF2017
Banjo Bingo DF 2017
Bingo Friends VF 2017
Bingo Hour White Hat 2017
Bingo House DF2017
Bingo NI White Hat 2017
Bingo Time DF 2017
Bingo Today VF2017 Bede 2017
Bingo7 Jump15 2017
BingoBar BE2017
BingonanzaParlay 2017
Blowout BE 2017
Brand New Bingo Jump15 2017
Crazy Bingo VF2017
Daily Record Bingo VF 2017
Feelgood Bingo Gamesys 2017
Female Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
Film Bingo Jump15 2017
Foxy Zero DF 2017
GinaBE 2017
Glamour BE 2017
Grace’s Bingo DF2017
Happy Slots Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
Jackpot Bingo DF 2017
KissMyBingo DF Cashcade 2017
KMB Original DF Cashcade 2017
KS Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
Little Big Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
Love It Bingo Gamesys 2017
Mega BE2017
Million21 Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
NudgeNudge White Hat 2017
Offerx Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
Peachy Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
Pink Bingo DF2017
Postcode Bingo DF2017
Readers Digest Gamesys 2017
Ritzy BE 2017
Rovers Bingo Jump15 2017
Scope Bingo Jump15 2017
Sea Bingo VF 2017
Simply Bingo VF 2017
STV Bingo Bede 2017
The Prize Finder Bingo Cozy 2017
Titanbet Bingo VF 2017
Top Ten Bingo DF Cashcade 2017
TouchMyBingo IGT 2017
Yes BE2017
Betway Bingo Micro2018
Bingo Bongo DF2018
Bingo Boudoir DF2018
Bingo Boutique Jumpman2018
Bingo Diaries Jumpman 2018
Bingo Godz Bede2018
Bingo Gringo DF 2018
Bingo Hall DF2018
Bingo Hombre Jumpman 2018
Bingo Jetset DF 2018
Bingo Loopy Bede 2018
Bingo Minions Jumpman 2018
Bingo Palace UK Parlay2018
Bingo Parlour DF2018
Bingo Scotland DF Cashcade 2018
Bingo VIP Club Cozy 2018
Bingola DF Ignite 2018
Bingoroo DF2018
Bingos Bede 2018
BJs Bingo Jumpman 2018
CAESARS Bingo Gamesys2018
Castle Bingo VF2018
Clucky Bingo Jumpman 2018
Gold Bingo DF2018
Good to Know Bingo Gamesys2018
Health Bingo Bede2018
ITV Bingo DF Cashcade 2018
Lucky Surf Bingo DF 2018
Luv2BingoDF Cashcade 2018
Money Saver Bingo Jumpman 2018
Net Palace Bingo DF2018
Paint the Town Bingo DF 2018
Park Bingo Gamesys 2018
RapChic Bingo Jumpman2018
Rehab Bingo Micro 2018
Rollover Bingo DF Cashcade 2018
Snap Bingo DF 2018
Stan James Bingo Relax2018
Sunday Life Bingo DF2018
Telly Talk Bingo DF Cashcade 2018
The Bingo Party Jumpman 2018
Tidy Bingo Jumpman 2018
Wallis Bingo Jumpman 2018
Ace of Bingo VF2019
Big Bucks Bingo Cozy2019
Big Love Bingo Cozy 2019
Biggest Bingo DF 2019
Bingo Anywhere Cozy 2019
Bingo Bytes Cozy 2019
Bingo Cove DF 2019
Bingo Enchanted VF 2019
Bingo Funland DF2019
Bingo Hero Cozy 2019
Bingo Hotpot Cozy 2019
Bingo Lottery 2019
Bingo Millionaire DF2019
Bingo With Kerry VF 2019
Bingo Yard DF 2019
BOGOF Bingo VF 2019
Bridezilla Cozy 2019
Candis Bingo DF 2019
Comfy Bingo Cozy2019
Flowerpot Bingo DF 2019
Funtastic Bingo DF 2019
Gold Medal Bingo DF 2019
Golden Hat Bingo VF 2019
Have a Ball Bingo Cozy 2019
Kelly’s Eye Bingo Cozy 2019
Kingsway Bingo DF 2019
Look Bingo DF 2019
Loquax Bingo DF 2019
Love My Bingo Cozy 2019
Love Your Bingo VF2019
Marathonbet Bingo Micro 2019
Naughty Bingo Cozy 2019
Play2Win Bingo Cozy 2019
Plush Bingo Cozy2019
Priceless Bingo DF 2019
Prize Bingo DF2019
Scarlet Bingo VF 2019
Scrummy Bingo Cozy 2019
Smooth Bingo Cozy 2019
Snappy Bingo Cozy 2019
Swag Bingo Cozy 2019
Teaand Bingo DF2019
TGI Bingo DF 2019
Think Bingo Cozy 2019

 Other Closed Bingo Sites

Some of these sites may have decided not to renew their UK operating licences or have closed for various other reasons over the years.

7 Bingo

Bingo Mega

Bingo Metropoli
Bingos UK
Bingo Whopper
Blue1 Bingo
Bubbi Bingo
Capitol Bingo
Fun and Bingo
Giggle Bingo
HallamFM Bingo
Hats Off Bingo
HeartFM Bingo
Piggy Bingo
Pingo Bingo
Pink Ladies Bingo
Relax Bingo
Star Games Bingo
Trendy Bingo
Utopia Bingo
Violet Bingo