Comfy Bingo Review

Best Cozy Games Bingo Site 2017 – Runner-Up – Comfy Bingo.

  • You can play bingo, have a chat and play side games at the same time in the bingo rooms
  • Best Cozy Games Bingo Site 2017
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Live Help

Tel: 02036 081305

Email: via on-site form

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About Comfy Bingo

Comfy Bingo is a very brightly designed site.

In the bingo rooms, be careful if you go to buy your next games tickets, before the current game has ended. This is because they don’t show you the ticket price on the next game, so you could end up buying expensive tickets when you didn’t mean to.

The chat feature gets spammed a lot with flashing icons, but if you like that sort of thing, it’s bearable.

You can play bingo, have a chat and play side games at the same time in the bingo rooms – which is great.


WhichBingo Awards 2017

Best Cozy Games Bingo Site 2017 – Runner-Up – Comfy Bingo.





UK and Gibraltar

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 50 ball bingo
  • 30 ball bingo
  • Casino games
  • Scratchcards
  • Slots

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £1
  • Processing time: 5 – 7 business days.
  • Bingo wagering requirement:  4x bingo bonus.
  • Slots wagering requirement: 40x winnings from extra spins.

At least £10 must have been deposited prior to a first withdrawal.

Players are allowed to withdraw the complete amount available as Withdrawable cash.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card will be requested.

See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since time of writing.

Help and support

  • Live Help: Available 24/7
  • Tel: 02036 081305 – lines open 24/7
  • Email: via on-site form
  • Raise a ticket option available when you log in.

Comfy Bingo on mobile and tablet

There’s nothing like getting comfy when you play bingo, and that’s exactly what you can do with Comfy Bingo, because you can play a selection of bingo and games on your smartphone or tablet. The Cozy Games technology means that even though you are not downloading an app, the site appears as excellent quality and feels like an app without it taking up space on your device.

The mobile version of the site has the same graphic style and aesthetic as the desktop version. The mobile version of the site is purposely designed to ensure that the layout is straightforward and easy to navigate.

The menu is located at the top of the screen and contains all of the content categories available on the site, such as ‘My Account’, ‘Banking’, ‘Bingo’, ‘Slots’, ‘Casino’, ‘Scratch’, ‘Promotions’ and many more, although you will have to scroll to find the bingo, slots and casino sections as they initially seem to be hidden.

You can also access to bingo games, slots, free bets, casino and scratch section directly from a homepage slider. To make a deposit or withdrawal simply go to ‘banking’ in this same slider.

The bingo rooms have load times which can take from 10 to 15 seconds to fully open. The bingo game layouts are very basic and are don’t always correctly scale to fit the screen of the device, which can lead you to tapping the wrong button. You can however play the games in portrait or landscape mode on your mobile.

iOS App Store – There is presently no app available from Apple’s iOS store.

Google Play – There is presently no app available from the Google Play.

Android – The site does not provide an alternative way of downloading an app to your android phone at the time of writing.

Reviews for Comfy Bingo

Comfy Bingo User Name: TracyLFC
User Rating:
Monday March 20th, 2017

Great welcome offer for newbies! Love the rooms and CMs, they’re super friendly and lots of chat games to play in.

Comfy Bingo User Name: sezysez88
User Rating:
Friday August 14th, 2015

I am very disappointed in comfy bingo. They make you drop though hops to get a withdrawal. And when you speak to someone they are so rude. Poor customer services. Not helpful. Worse site i have ever been on. I would recommend everyone stays off it. Because you wont get what you win.

Comfy Bingo User Name: sue482
User Rating:
Tuesday April 21st, 2015

Really disappointed with this site. I have been on many bingo sites and this is the worst by far. The money pots are very poor, hardly any players in most of the rooms, most are funded only so finding it hard to spend my free bingo bonus!! Very boring site,think my free bonus will be staying where it is, will definately not be depositing on here again.

Comfy Bingo User Name: coria1
User Rating:
Sunday August 10th, 2014

What a site!! Not only is it near impossible to win anything on this site, they make it impossible for you to withdraw what little winnings you may have accrued!
The games are poor quality and lack creativity, the bingo is confusing and quite frankly boring and don’t be fooled by the ‘no deposit bonus’ as there are still more than 10x wagering requirements!! I’m amazed this site is actually open and people play in there! I spoke to customer services via the chat function twice and they were less than helpful and quite patronizing!
Now I have been on many bingo/slot sites and this is by far the worst I have experienced!

Comfy Bingo User Name: foxynana0970
User Rating:
Tuesday December 3rd, 2013

I just love this site!! The admin are amazing nothing is a problem and loads of laughter and fun between them and the players. I always login and play as much as i can as ive got 2 know alot of the regular players and its great fun in between the winning lol.Great bonuses as well. Love it!!!

Comfy Bingo User Name: cathmach
User Rating:
Friday November 29th, 2013

I have found that the amount you have to gamble on this site to meet with the wagering rules is very high, but the worst restrictions are on the withdrawals. You can only withdraw a minimum of 30 pounds, you have to wait 7 days from one withdrawal to the next and you can only withdraw if it is within 30 days of making a deposit.

Comfy Bingo User Name: disappointed
User Rating:
Tuesday September 17th, 2013

I thought i would give Comfy Bingo a go. you get £15 pound free to try the site, but it is linked to other sites which i found a bit boring. The chat hosts seem friendly. The rooms have quite big payouts, but like many other sites it has its players that win more often than most. I wouldn’t recommend it, but others might enjoy it.

Comfy Bingo User Name: TheMeerkat
User Rating:
Friday May 31st, 2013

The only redeeming feature is a well designed site and some good prize pots. Bonuses on re-load deposits are generous indeed (you can get bonus on all deposits up to an incredible 300% dependant on loyalty status). But their wagering requirements undermine making profit. Chat hosts are hit and miss helping you understand your bonus money play and how it works on your real cash balance. I have a dormant account at this place. Thumbs down for nutty T&Cs.

Comfy Bingo User Name: jay30mcr
User Rating:
Thursday May 30th, 2013

They say you are given £15 no deposit but fail to mention that the cash value is £1.50 and even if you win with the bonus it remains the bonus. If you get £15 bonus and turn it into £150 then you can only ever hope to get £3 because as soon as you deposit the Bonus is reset to £30 (real value £3). It gets worse though because you can only transfer £100 Bonus (£10 value) per month unless you are a Gold member then you transfer £150 (£15 value). Please stop promoting this with the £15 bonus advertised because it clearly isn’t £15.

Comfy Bingo User Name: TheMeerkat
User Rating:
Friday May 31st, 2013

Comfy Bingo bonus wagering requirements, deposit and withdrawal procedures are made transparent on their T&Cs. They have one of the worst contracts for any bingo site. Even if you choose to decline accepting bonus they still have silly restrictions for cash only players.

WhichBingo Anita
Comfy Bingo User Name: WhichBingo Anita
User Rating:
Thursday May 30th, 2013

Hi Jay. The free £15 is specified as free bonus with which to try the site. The terms and conditions clearly show that the funds that can be withdrawn from this are limited and that a deposit will be required to become a fully fledged member of the site. If a site advertises itself as offering a free bonus that is what we show on its behalf.

Comfy Bingo User Name: tambam
User Rating:
Friday March 29th, 2013

Worst bingo site ever. The cms are from India and seem to be there to try and pick up females – very slimy. Very hard to withdraw winnings and you can only withdraw 30 pounds at a time from bonus, no matter how much cash you have in your account. Very hard to win unless you spend a LOT to win next to nothing. Would not recommend.

Comfy Bingo User Name: bingovirus
User Rating:
Sunday March 24th, 2013

Comfy bingo is the worst site from my experience. It does a very good job of earning money from people by promoting that the top wagerers will be put in the prize draw to win cash. Wagering requirements are very high even if you opt out of the bonus. So you can’t get out even your own money without wagering it first!!! Jackpots are small and they don’t grow plus they have to be called in 28 or 35 calls. Do a favour to yourself and don’t waste your money on this site.

Comfy Bingo User Name: lkaa1
User Rating:
Saturday March 16th, 2013

The deposit and withdrawal rules at Comfy Bingo seem to be designed to prevent you from withdrawing any cash you may have won.You would be better throwing any cash you have down the toilet.

Comfy Bingo User Name: kittycat1112
User Rating:
Tuesday February 5th, 2013

Never have I been on a bingo site where hosts are allowed to bully and tease other members like at Comfy Bingo. The hosts English isn’t very good and they are all part of a click of members so if you’re not part of that group you’ve got bob hope of chatting in the room. Support are not at all supportive, especially when you are making a complaint and their response is…. You the witness, You the judge… who I am to say anything… your decision is Almighty’s decision. All I have to do is agree to what you say and I am sorry. I am not as skilled as you are … learning from great people like you.
Avoid this site unless you don’t mind witnessing torrents of abuse and rudeness.

Comfy Bingo User Name: anon
User Rating:
Friday September 14th, 2012

Be careful. At Comfy Bingo there is a £30 minimum withdrawal. Not only that but you cannot withdraw your own money (I’m not talking about bonus/free money) if you have only gambled on Roulette or Blackjack. It’s my money! Why can’t I just withdraw it?

Comfy Bingo User Name: redhotluck
User Rating:
Wednesday September 12th, 2012

Comfy Bingo is an excellent site, the best by far. Since joining i have had a great time here and will be here for a long time. The promotions are fantastic, and the Chat Hosts are doing a great job, always welcoming members and helping you with any queries you may have. I have made many friends here, one in particular who is very special to me. I would not hesitate in recommending this site to anyone. I love the fact that you can play 24/7 in a couple of the rooms and also enjoy the free bingo. I will be recommending this site to a few of my friends who i know will enjoy it as much as i do. I can not praise this site enough, i love everything about it.

Comfy Bingo User Name: Davidrichardson
User Rating:
Thursday July 19th, 2012

I like this site. It has a familiar feel about it…

Comfy Bingo User Name: Gordon57
User Rating:
Tuesday May 1st, 2012

Comfy Bingo – I decided to try this one for myself. £15 signup bonus to play with, if you follow the link from WhichBingo of course.
Not keen on the site layout when I got into the bingo room. And was bombarded with messages, which annoy me when I’m trying to read something and that pops up. Not keen on the small bingo cards, I have to screw my eyes up to see the numbers, although I don’t have to as it’s auto-dab
2 Jackpots on 28 calls, odd? 70 players when I went on, £11.63 line, £17.89 2 lines and £28.62 hours, so not too bad for 5p tickets. Not that I won of course. 1TG on a couple of cards in one game, so got a 1TG bonus of 27p.
Mini slots and scratchies are available, pretty boring to me as I’ve played these before somewhere, a similar site, but can’t remember which now, obviously not one I play a lot. I get annoyed by slot games where you are playing 50p a spin, yet it gives you a big congrats on a 5p win !
CH kept sending big messages about promos, but chat wasn’t brilliant.
You can select how many cards you want for the next game, but price wasn’t shown until ticket sales opened. The slider only went up to 48 tickets until then. When sales were open it allowed a max of 84, or 144, depending on the game. Buy 5 get 2 free, so a purchase of 60 tickets gave me 24 free.
I tried to see if there were any restrictions on newbies playing bonus, so I picked 144 cards which got me 56 free and cost a whopping £7.20. No, it didn’t restrict me.
Next game was 10p a card and restricted to buying 10 cards, but got 10 free with a PJP of £100 on 40 calls, then £2, £5 and £8 prizes.
Pretty basic, didn’t inspire me to keep playing, so I decided to leave after my 6th game of bingo. The screen seemed to have frozen anyway, no game playing and no tickets available. Chat was still running and players asked what had happened to game, CH said to wait – I didn’t…

Comfy Bingo User Name: natjayk
User Rating:
Monday April 30th, 2012

Would advise not to use this site.You get £10 free no deposit and if you win you cannot bank, there is no wager requirements for you to lift money and you cannot deposit if your balance is over £50.Worst taster of a site ever…. But I suppose it’s meant to reel you in…..

Sue Denholm
Comfy Bingo User Name: Sue Denholm
User Rating:
Friday April 27th, 2012

Comfy Bingo – terrible site, usual Cozy Games rude hosts and excessively high wager. They gave it a makeover? Why try and make a silk purse from a pigs ear?
No staff can speak proper English and the roomies are the most unfriendly I have met …….. Wide berth to be given!

Comfy Bingo User Name: mrsbradford30
User Rating:
Monday April 9th, 2012

Comfy Bingo is a nice site, but not for me. I only like the bingo sites that have my favourite slot on and this didn’t, but good if u just want to play bingo.

Comfy Bingo User Name: Gordon57
User Rating:
Thursday April 19th, 2012

What a strange thing to say as a review – going on a bingo site, but only happy if they have a certain slot available – that gets the whole site a thumbs down?

Comfy Bingo User Name: shaun/john
User Rating:
Saturday April 7th, 2012

I will giveComfy Bingo a go I hope it’s not like all the other bingo sites, the most complained thing on bingo, the same players winning all the time. We shall see, and hopefully they give the bigger bingo sites a run for there money.


Comfy Bingo User Name: OMGITSMEAGAIN2012
User Rating:
Friday April 6th, 2012

I didn’t enjoy my Comfy Bingo experience and I found it to be one of the poorest sites I have played on.
I found chat hosts and roomies alike to be rude and not a very nice thing at all……. You join to have fun and play bingo not to threaten other people in the room..
Live support take no notice what so ever and can’t even speak English well.

Comfy Bingo User Name: fairdust
User Rating:
Saturday March 31st, 2012

Sounds great cant wait. Like the idea of welcome bonus try before you buy, i like it. Good idea comfy xxxxxxxx

Comfy Bingo User Name: mum2threeprincesses
User Rating:
Thursday March 29th, 2012

comfy bingo sounds the most comfy bingo around, should hopefully have a lot of nice members!

Comfy Bingo User Name: Rubesmatt66
User Rating:
Wednesday March 28th, 2012

Comfy Bingo is a good name, sounds good.

Comfy Bingo User Name: memymo
User Rating:
Sunday March 25th, 2012

Sounds good will keep looking to see when open.

Thank you for your review!