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Dandy Bingo Review

Dandy Bingo Is Now Closed

New players only. 18+. Bingo room available for first 7 days from registration. Card validation required. Winnings in the form of bingo bonus only. 4x wagering on winnings. Further T&Cs apply.
  • Bingo for newbies special offer
  • Hundreds of slots, jackpot, and casino games available
  • Find your favourites to play once you’re logged in
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Live chat – 24/7

Phone number – +44 203 608 1305

Support email – send via the form on the site or raise a ticket

A Quick Look at Dandy Bingo

Visiting Dandy Bingo allows you to view a site that is part of the Best Bingo Network. It’s a bright one too, offering a yellow and pink menu to browse through. Easy account controls mean you always know where you are. Bingo is just a part of what’s on offer too, as you’ll see here. Our Dandy Bingo review reveals all.

Games & Software

If you’re familiar with Cozy Games, you’ll be pleased to know Dandy Bingo is run on this software. Newbie games are available throughout your first week of membership with no fees to play. Other bingo options are below:

  • 90-ball Big Ben
  • 90-ball Victoria 90
  • 80-ball Down Town
  • 30-ball City Hall
  • 75-ball Devoted Dabbers
  • 90-ball February Sales
  • 90-ball 4K Payday Jackpot

Bingo games include countdowns to the next ones beginning. You can pre-buy tickets, take part in games that have already started, and chat with other players if you explore the chat rooms with each game.

Slots & Casinos

You can view Dandy Bingo slots by selecting that option from the menu. The same applies to Dandy Bingo casino and game titles. Hundreds of games are available from Barcrest, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, and Eyecon. As you play, you’ll see games you enjoy frequently appear under favourites.

Casino games are also offered, with European, auto, and speed roulette available among others. Different versions of blackjack are also provided. Scroll to see numerous other casino games too.





UK Gambling Commission & Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner

How to Deposit & Cash Out


You are invited to deposit when you join. If you play on the mobile site, Boku is a good option. Other e-wallets and card methods are also made available at Dandy Bingo UK.

Cashing out

Very little is shared about cashing out until you are a depositing player who has started placing wagers. The banking section in your account will show you how close you are to fulfilling wagering requirements. Until then, very little is known.

The Community

Do some chirping and chatting in the bingo rooms. The Floral Forum is one of two options to chat in, with Chirping Corner revealed as the other. There is a chat filter, some chat lingo to learn, and chat games to watch out for as well. Many players like to chat while playing the games or waiting for new ones to begin.

Take Dandy Bingo with You

You won’t miss the bright mix of colours on the mobile site, even on the smallest smartphone screen. You won’t require a Dandy Bingo app either, although you can save the page to your home screen for easy access later. They have designed the Dandy Bingo mobile site to be accessible and entertaining, and it manages to achieve both things with ease.

Our Take on Dandy Bingo

We would prefer to see more clarity on withdrawing procedures prior to reaching that stage. As such, we’re giving Dandy Bingo UK a 4 out of 5 score. The games are excellent though, with the social side of the site another good feature to enjoy if you try the bingo games.

Have Your Say!

Are you a Dandy Bingo member? Would you like to reveal what you think of the site? Tell us below and let other players know too.

Reviews for Dandy Bingo

1.38 /5
Based on 8 user reviews
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Tuesday September 8th, 2015
User Rating:

I won just over 9,000.00 on Dandy Bingo. I went to withdraw my winning and all Dandy Bingo did was make excuses for not paying me winnings. They forfeited my winning and closed my account. I used to like Dandy Bingo and i did recommend this site to loads, but since this happened iv told my friends to close there account because they ripped me off and i dont want this to happen to anyone else because its discusting.

Sunday May 10th, 2015
User Rating:

Deposited to Dandy Bingo and was offered a cash bonus. Played it up to 3,500 then was logged out with winnings taken and my deposit returned. I’d seriously avoid this place in all honesty. Never come across anything like it at all so play elsewhere. Plenty of decent places to play bingo/slots where you can withdraw but this isn’t one of them.

Sunday June 8th, 2014
User Rating:

Dandy bingo – what a rubbish site! Reel you in and when you win you can’t withdraw. Really hard to understand the wagering terms. CH was really rude and very unprofessional. Where on earth do they get these people from? Her standard phrase was lmao. Really basic layout and one to avoid.

Tuesday November 19th, 2013
User Rating:

Hi. Was happy with email from WhichBingo free 20 no deposit, so tried playing slots and bingo. Won 300 pounds only to be told even if deposited and played through wagering rules I would lose 300 cash balance i had won. What a rip off as you end up with nothing except deposit bonus if win on free money. Why say 20 pound free non deposit? If i want free bingo with no prize I will play in my own house. Why does Which promote these sites? This is supposed to be a trusted site promoting good sites for normal people?

Thursday November 28th, 2013

rachie155 for information i have won 800 pound free money no deposit before on casino site and one more thing, just let people try bingo free without taking details instead of promise of free money. Their details are worth sumthing, ie mailing lists, so your statement falls down. Still say rip off and false advertising.lonestar

Friday November 22nd, 2013

How can it be a rip off if you didn’t even deposit any money? Free money is just to give a feel of a site, you can’t expect to win big money on it without even having deposited.

Friday November 22nd, 2013

TC thats all you here from these on line games or any one else on line because its not free 20 pounds its monoply money. There is no free money even the bonus they give are all tied up in play through rules. we are all been taken for fools. The exact same thing happened to me on Yes Bingo – won 400 pounds on slots with free money – sorry toy mone, lol.

WhichBingo Anita
Thursday November 21st, 2013

Hi Lonestar22. Sorry you lost out at Dandy Bingo. All the Cozy Games sites have different rules with regard to wagering and withdrawal either from no deposit monies or deposit bonuses. We always advise readers to check terms and conditions first and of course every bingo site asks new members to tick a box to confirm they have read the terms and conditions to avoid situations such as this.

Monday June 24th, 2013
User Rating:

I don’t really see what the problem is with this site. I’ve started playing it recently and I don’t think it’s that bad really. It’s quite fun to play, it’s true some of the CH’s are a bit over the top, but I think they’re just trying to have some banter really. Anyway I’m going to keep playing for the moment

fancy that
Saturday August 11th, 2012
User Rating:

I deposited £20 got £20 in bonus at Dandy Bingo. Most players moaning same winners, same old faces, lol. They say maxed tickets and didn’t even get 1tg. I never got a free spin on the slots, they just ate my twenty pounds.
I got an email next day to deposit £20 and get £15 in bonus, so i gave the site another go. Same result – slots ate my twenty pounds and did not get so much a 1pence in front. Game of chance? I l know fast becoming a game of no chance!

Thursday January 10th, 2013

Totally agree, and please be aware, minimum withdrawal is £50 ! try winning that much on there. and if you do withdraw, you cannot deposit whilst withdrawal is pending, you have to reverse it, and lose it .

Sunday July 8th, 2012
User Rating:

I took a look at Dandy Bingo. Straight away I recognised the layout, same software as a couple of other sites I’d been on, and had been disappointed with. But, I’ll give ’em a chance I thought.
After registering I got an email to say I needed to click the link to be given £20 free. Except it only gave £10, you have to fill in your profile to get another £10. I had tried to do my profile when I first signed up, but was informed by the pop-up box that I had to verify my email first. Confusing if you’ve never played before.
I selected the Regency room with 10p cards and selected 24, it showed a max of 48. The caption said ’24 cards will be bought for the next game’. Another pop-up, told I can only have a max of 15 cards and now the slider shows a max of 33 ?? That repeated, game after game- no matter how I tried, I couldn’t buy any more than 15 and when I bought cards the slider max went down from 48 to 33. OK, so it was buy one get one free, meaning I played 30 cards a time, but those able to buy 48 cards would have had 96 – over three times a many and that affects the odds.
I was right with the software, small cards, small numbers, had to get my glasses on! I tried going full screen, rather than the window it gives you, but the cards were not much bigger.
On one game I was waiting for 2 for the house before the 2 lines were up, meaning I only wanted 1 number on either of two lines for that prize. I was still 2tg by the time house was called, about the closest I got in the half dozen games I played before I got bored. There’s a 1TG prize if you don’t win house, I got it once – and won all of 11p, along with about a dozen others.
I don’t know how many were playing each game, prizes were in the area of £6.60, £8.00 and £12.80, when I looked at the one I was playing when I wrote this. Seems I was in the ‘free room’ for chat, 21 of us in there.
I get the idea that paying players were maxing with 96 cards a game, going by the way they kept winning. I personally don’t think it’s fair to restrict’newbies’ as you’re not getting a proper feel of the site when you’ve got less than a third the number of cards as the others.
I didn’t try the slots, Ive played those games before on the other sites and wasn’t impressed, especially with the ‘side game’ slots in the main bingo window, too small for me to see what’s going on.
I had a try at pre-buy, as there’s a button at the top of the screen – except it just rolls round and does nothing? I clicked on Options and turned the sound off, I was listening to the radio at the time 🙂
Sorry to say there’s nothing sparking about Dandy Bingo for me. The CH was chatty, lots of system messages about depositing and winners of some competitions they had had.
I didn’t see any ‘naughty’ chat, as some have mentioned, but it was Sunday afternoon and a female host, so the topic of what everyone was having for Sunday dinner was probably more important.
Six games here was enough, I was yawning. I looked at my balance, £9 of the £20 bonus spent, I had had 11p for a 1tg bonus, but the remaining balance was £11.27 – I’d got an extra 16p somehow, and it wasn’t from winning anything as I had been watching closely.
No, it didn’t appeal to me. Same as several others I had played and got bored with. Too slow, too small and nothing that I felt had entertained me. Oh, go on then, I’ll have a scratch card before I leave, I hit £1 a card and tried – nope, loser. Try another, ahhh – won £5.
Lots of niggles about this site, and others like it, where the information you’re given just isn’t right.
That’s it, I’m going to put the kettle on.

Wednesday June 20th, 2012
User Rating:

omg what can i say about this site? Well terrible and awful. I don’t know where they find the chat hosts, but they haven’t got a clue how to speak to players and have no manners at all.

Dandy bingo was the first site that i ever joined when i starting playing online bingo which was some time ago, so i know it’s not a new site. When i joined this site it nearly put me off joining any others till my friends showed me better ones to play on. When i first went in one of the rooms i was reading the chat and the way the chat host was talking to a player was disgusting.

I actually thought i had entered a dating site, but a bad one. I’m actually shocked that this site is still going to tell you the truth, somebody that i was talking to the other day on another site had joined and also had been chatted up on Dandy bingo and was trying to find out where they could put a complaint in because the lady was in her 60s and had been talked to badly because she had told the chat host how old she was and they were very rude to her, saying she was too old for them. That’s disgusting when you join a bingo site you just want to play bingo and have a laugh not be talked to like that and being made upset. It’s wrong and enough is enough.