Best Bingo Network

BBN is one of several networks that operate on Cozy Games software. None of the brands are well known, although WOW Bingois arguably the most popular, having won the Best Cozy Games Bingo Site at the 2017 WhichBingo Awards.

Although these sites share the same network and are linked to one another, they are not all owned by the same company. They simply pool together so they can offer better prizes and jackpots to players.

This site opened in January 2017 and has the honour of being the first new bingo site of the year that came to our attention, so quite fitting for the 001 title. While the site claims to be ‘the number one bingo site’ as part of its logo, this is open to debate as it is powered by Cozy Games and operates on the Best Bingo Network, so offers the same as many other sites on the same network.

It goes on to claim to be ‘the friendliest site in town’ and that should be easier to establish once you join and a community spirit is created and as players develope a rapport with the chat hosts designated to the site…. Read more

This site opened in March 2017 and operates on Cozy Games software and the Best Bingo Network banner. That means that you get excellent quality games and a good selection of them too.

These sites offer an excellent selection of bingo games and, as long as you can work round the wagering, offer a good bingo experience. These days the Cozy Games wagering is not as prohibitive as it once appeared.

The ‘swag’ of the title doesn’t refer to criminal proceedings as anticipated prior to opening, but instead is short for ‘swagger’, the boastful gait you may employ should you be lucky enough to become a big winner…. Read more

The bingo site is super cute with it’s chimp mascot and jungle theme running throughout. The welcome bonus is splashed across the landing page, so you won’t miss out on the freebie on offer. Recent winners are also on the welcome page, along with bingo games, jackpots, top games and promotions.

The bingo lobby shows you what games are being played and when. It also lists the amount of players, the bingo ticket prices and the number of players in each room. You can even pre-buy your tickets so you don’t miss a game you really want to play in.

The games on offer are good and it is good to know that there is an option to refuse bonuses should you wish…. Read more

This site operates on Cozy Games software and on the Best Bingo Network. This means a great selection of bingo and slot games and one of the best mobile bingo experiences from the pioneeers. The game selection got even better in October 2017 when NetEnt and Eyecon games were added to the Cozy Games favourites.

Apart from the regular promotional games and giveaways, WOW Bingo also plays 24/7 chat games and players absolutely adore them.

The site has been around for years and was among the first on the Cozy bingo platform. It has not been allowed to languish however and has benefitted from regular updates over the years…. Read more