Bingo Stars Network

The company who own Bingo Hollywood created their own little network when they launched it’s sister site, Big Tease Bingo.

Both sites use Dragonfish software.

Big Tease Bingo opened in February 2017 and although it runs on Dragonfish software it is not part of the wider Dragonfish network and instead became the second site the standalone Bingo Stars Network that already has Bingo Hollywood in its stable.

The design is a bit on the garish side, relying on very strong primary colours and striking larger than life cartoon style people characters. This is continued throughout the site which is laid out in comic book style.

There is much that is different about this site and it wants you to know from the word go that this is no run of the mill Dragonfish site, so the offers and the promos and the big games are all given prominence as you scroll down the page…. Read more

There are some very generous offers and fun promotions at Bingo Hollywood. It has been open since April 2010 and remains consistently popular with a loyal player base.

The site got a major makeover in September 2016 which brought it bang up to date, including running the new style Dragonfish software.

There’s a running menu on the welcome page that explains what their current promotions are and you can check out the chat hosts, who tend to be very friendly and vote for your favourite.

It is worth noting that despite numerous sites moving away from having their own in-house chat hosts to utilising the remote Dragonfish bank of hosts Bingo Hollywood continues to employ its own separate and totally unique team of top of the range hosts and is committed to this policy for the foreseeable future…. Read more