Live Bingo Network

LBN is another network that operates on the Cozy Games software platform.

This network is made up of several small and relatively unknown brands, who link together to offer larger jackpot games and promotions.

In October 2013 Aunty Acid Bingo opened its doors, having made the leap from Facebook. In the words of Aunty Acid herself, she will be sure to bring some ‘added sass’ to the staid world of bingo.

Aunty Acid Bingo adds that bit of witticism to your game. She’s feisty and could knock you down with one blow of her tongue. This site is up to date, fun and certainly tries to make players feel happy – thanks to the funny jokes and quotes. Everyone has an aunty like this surely? I know I do.

Make sure you hit the blog button on the left of the homepage, because you’ll find lots of jokes, some of them are naughty – these are designed to make your bingo better…. Read more

Scrummy Bingo looks exactly how it sounds, it’s full of lovely images of tasty treats. The welcome page features sweet cakes and giant muffins topped with numerous bingo balls. Now, if you’re new and you want the delicious no deposit free bingo offer, you will have to register a payment method and verify your email address. This is for age verification purposes only.

Scrummy Bingo want you to grab a delicious slice of bingo, and they certainly do their best to give you that, because there’s so many different types of bingo on offer and lots of exciting promotions too.

The whole design is bright, colourful and full to the top with bingo and games, but the bingo rooms do get crowded. … Read more

Play2Win Bingo is a site that offers bingo and many online games for you to play. The welcome page gives this bingo site a very up to date and modern feel. There’s a big bingo schedule on display showing you the bingo rooms, times of the games, prices of the tickets, prizes on offer and the players in the rooms. You can use the quick ‘play now’ buttons to head straight to the games.

Once you’ve registered, added a payment method and confirmed your email address, you will be able to gain access to the free bingo Newbies Room for seven days playing for £3,000 of free bingo bonus without you needing to make a deposit. Use this to get a feel of the site…. Read more

If you’re looking for a huge selection of bingo, games, promotions and jackpots, then Snappy Bingo is the site for you. Snappy Bingo launched in October 2014. A bright a breezy bingo site with a little floating crocodile head as its mascot. It is operating on the Cozy Games bingo platform and has opted for the Live Bingo Network.

Snappy Bingo has plenty of bingo jackpots on offer which can be won daily, weekly and monthly. You can buy your tickets in advance from the bingo lobby so you don’t miss out. Other promotions include a loyalty scheme and chat games with Ally Gator and Chris Croc…. Read more

Velvet Bingo opened in November 2013 and operates on Cozy Games software on the Live Bingo Network.

The site looks classical in nature and has a distinctive retro feel – inspired by 1940’s glamour. The strong burgundy and gold colour scheme perfectly matches the image the name brings to mind.

There is an excellent selection of games as you would expect, with every kind of bingo covered from 90 ball bingo through to 30 ball bingo. The range of slots, table games and instant games is also growing all the time.

Time Bingo opened in April 2014 and operates on Cozy Games software on one of its largest and most popular networks – the Live Bingo Network. This network has the largest number of players, bingo rooms and varients and as such the biggest prizes.

The bingo rooms can be quite crowded, with a lot going on. The chat feature is constantly flickering with flashing icons, the pre-buy ticket option can get confusing too. Whilst the current game is playing, you have the option to automatically buy into the next game, but it doesn’t show you how much the next game costs.

The free bingo games don’t give away big prizes, but this is not unusual. Make sure you look at the blog, links to this are on the welcome page, it has up to date bingo promotions and bonus codes…. Read more

Opened in June 2015 this site opted for the Cozy platform and the generous offers that go with it. You also get access to a good range of bingo rooms and an excellent selection of slots.

If you register a payment card when you sign up you will get access to £3,000 of free bingo in the special Newbie Bingo room for seven days. Players can then choose whether or not to accept future bonuses. This is good as some players enjoy the games and the company and others would like to withdraw any winnings rather than staying to play.

It’s a nice looking site and well worth a try…. Read more

Payday Bingo is to undergo a rebrand to Sameday Bingo.

Keep checking with WhichBingo for more details as we get them, but likely to be on the same platform on the same terms.

Buddha Bingo opened for business in May 2014 and we hope this little god will bring players lots of bingo luck. Buddha Bingo is hoping that good fortune will smile on all its players. The site is operating on Cozy Games software and on the Live Bingo Network.

Buddha Bingo has a very oriental feel to it, it has images of temples, bonsai trees and it wouldn’t be Buddha Bingo without its very own Buddha mascot. The cool blue colour scheme running throughout adds to the relaxing feel that you get in the bingo rooms.

A neat little bingo site, but seasoned bingo players will recognise the bingo promotions and layout, as these can be found on many other online bingo sites on the Live Bingo Network…. Read more

Bingo Hotpot opened in October 2013 and uses Cozy Games bingo and slots games and operates on the Live Bingo Network.

Bingo Hotpot has a very striking green colour scheme on the welcome page, and more of an Irish theme than the one of food you may be expecting! There’s quick links to bingo, slots, mobile and promotions on the page, as well as the welcome offer, winners and jackpots. Towards the bottom of the page you will find a rather dashing guy dressed in a green waistcoat, hat and bow tie.

Once you’re registered you can head straight to the lobby. Bingo Hotpot offer free bingo with no deposit required, which is great if you find that you are ages away from payday. You will find various bingo jackpots and progressive jackpots to be won at Bingo Hotpot…. Read more

Santa’s Bingo is a must for any Christmas lover. It features so many images of Christmas, with roaring log fires, crunchy candy canes, glistening cold snow and much much more. You may find yourself staring at the welcome page for some time nostalgically.

When I finally stopped looking at the festive landing page, I ventured further into the bingo site. Registration is simple just like the navigation of the site. I noticed straight away that there’s loads of bingo rooms and games available for you to play.

The lobby shows you everything you could wish to know, click into a game and you’ll find the lovely bingo rooms waiting for you to join in. The chat hosts are very friendly and do their utmost to make you feel at home…. Read more

Gravy Train Bingo opened in June 2014 and operates on Cozy Games software on the Live Bingo Network.

Get a good preview of the welcome bonuses, the bingo jackpots, recent winners, top games and so much more before you even register. The promotions tab shows you that there’s always something running here.

I love the sites on the Cozy Games bingo software, they offer a huge amount of bingo and games. You will find plenty of bingo rooms to play in here and these even include free bingo games. To be fair, the free bingo games prize money won’t change your life, but it’s a little bonus if you find there’s too much month at the end of your money…. Read more

Spin and Bingo is an excellent name for a site, for years bingo sites have married these two aspects of gaming really well and manage to keep everyone happy. Given the changes relating to designs of online gambling sites, 8Ball Games have done an excellent job with this one and it looks inviting and friendly without having to resort to cartoon characters.

The site launched in January 2018 and it is operating on the Cozy platform and the Live Bingo Network and benefits from the 8Ball Games take on the welcome offer, but you will still enjoy the no deposit free bingo. You will find a site that is easy to navigate with a great range of bingo and slot games…. Read more

Bingo Gran opened in March 2017 and operates on Cozy software on the Live Bingo Network. Given the name you expect the mascot to be an older lady, the proverbial ‘Gran’ from the title, but you don’t expect a site to limit its audience with an opening line of ‘giving all of the Super Grans out there the best place to play and win’ as part of their pitch!

It remains to be seen if the name will limit the market share for the brand, or make people feel comfortable and that they are entering a friendly and fun environment.

However, if they get people past this potential barrier then the site is actually suitable for all being a white label and the inside games being the same as many another Cozy site, albeit with a nicer design…. Read more