Lucky Duck Network

Lucky Duck is another network consisting of sites who use Cozy Games software.

It’s biggest brand is the popular GameVillage website, which is one of the flagship brands on the Cozy platform. Each of the other brands are essentially sister sites to GameVillage, with shared jackpots and linked games.

GameVillage Bingo has been around for a long time, first opening in 2007. The site looks pretty interesting, themed with the idea of a village that seems to be encased in its own little community.

The site underwent a redesign in October 2014 and also changed software from its own proprietary brand to the well established and well supported Cozy Games platform – however it retained its standalone status and unique rooms.

Topping it all is the Bingo Radio at GameVillage. Here, players can tune in for some good music 24/7, plus they have a great live show every Friday evening happening from 7pm till midnight brought to you by the resident presenter…. Read more

Bingo Magix was an early adopter of Cozy Games software and carried on that tradition by taking advantage of the new Lucky Duck Network when that first launched.

These sites take advantage of the base Cozy bingo platform and slots and turn them into something unique and community orientated.

A wide selection of games await and all can be played for the first time with that extremely generous welcome bonus, but on a smaller network than is standard and with different rooms and offers to take advantage of. The smaller network might mean smaller prize pots for a while, but also means more chances to win…. Read more

Becky’s Bingo launched in November 2016 on Cozy software. This site has opted for the Lucky Duck Network which is much smaller than the other two on the Cozy platform and so it has some different features to offer.

This site gives a more modern feel to the Cozy offer and we have a real life person as Becky who welcomes you to the site and who is said to be running the show behind the scenes and bringing players the deals and offers that they want.

The good selection of bingo games and slot games is a plus, as are the existence of lots of different bingo rooms, most with their own unique giveaways…. Read more

Wowingo is the third member of the Lucky Duck Network which is slowly building into a force to be reckoned with. While on Cozy Games software it has a different selection of rooms to the more widely available Live Bingo Network sites.

The site opened in February 2015 and brought a fresh new look rare at sites on the Cozy Bingo platform at that time – that helped to mark it out as a member of the different network.

Bright and airy in pale blue and white the offers are clearly laid out and the promotions are simple and to the point. As you become more familiar with the community elements of the site the more benefit you will reap from it…. Read more

This site operates on Cozy Games software and the Lucky Duck network, having transferred there in mid 2014, and offers all the top bingo games and slot games in a safe and secure playing environment.

Bingo Boogie has a very retro 70’s themed logo and a striking pink colour scheme. The first thing that jumps off the page is the welcome bonus and the bonus wheel feature. Have a good look at the progressive jackpots, recent winners, bingo and games via the welcome page. Titles featured include: Avalon, Max Damage, Bust the Bank and Cupid’s Arrow.

The lobby is a great place to see what games are being played and when, plus it offers you the chance to buy your tickets in advance. The bingo rooms are very colourful and bright. You can buy tickets into the next game whilst your current game is in play, chat in the chat box and play side games at the same time…. Read more