Palatial Leisure Network

This network is owned by Palace Leisure who operate a number of bingo halls across the UK.

Their main brand is ‘The Palaces’ but it is a little confusing as to why they have two different sites operating with very similar names.

All of the sites operate on Parlay software, but very little effort has been made to differentiate each of the sites other than the logo and background images.

When you land at Bingo Britain the welcome page showcases bingo as well as the other gaming options this site has to offer, such as casino and live casino games. You can get links to these at the top of the page too. Hit the bingo option and you’ll be taking to the section that focuses on bingo only.

When you register, it asks for a user name and password, personal info and contact details. To register at this site, you have to opt in to the mailing list, if you don’t want to subscribe to the mailing list then, you won’t be able to register.

Before you can play any games you have to confirm your email address, this will be sent to the email address you used to register. Click the link and you’ll be able to log in. Another thing you need to do is choose an alias, this is a nickname that will be used in the bingo chat rooms. Once you’ve done this you will see the bingo room schedule…. Read more

Another site from Palatial Leisure that operates on Parlay software. A very basic site with a limited number of games. The design does not have anything to do with the name of the site and there is nothing to mark it out from the more actively managed sites that run on Parlay software.

It is difficult to find your way around and to find any relevant information. There are a limited number of bingo games and a lot less slots than you find on other platforms. The prizes in the bingo rooms tend not to be worth too much due to limited number of players at the time of writing…. Read more

This is a smaller site with fewer rooms and players than many will be used to. Some of them are not open all day, the games selection is basic and the payouts are slow. The terms and conditions state that they process withdrawals as quickly as possible, but then they ask you to allow up to 30 days for a withdrawal to be authorised!

The site had a major overhaul in September 2016, so hopefully this will have also seen things speeded up behind the scenes.

The design of the site is nice enough, but there is not enough variation on offer. The bingo lobby is basic and you can see what’s on offer and various info such as players in the room, bingo ticket prices, prizes and so on…. Read more

One of just a handful of sites on this software with a unique range of bingo games and some unusual slot games.

Not too many players, but some good guaranteed jackpots available on occasion. If you can get to know the schedule you might enjoy it.