The Etiquette of Online Bingo Chat Rooms

Updated March 13, 2022
The Etiquette of Online Bingo Chat Rooms

The game of bingo may be simple enough, but the social rules can be more complicated. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing online or in a physical bingo hall, failure to follow proper bingo etiquette can get you in trouble with other players, or even get you kicked out altogether.

So how do you know what the dos and don’ts of online bingo are? Read our guide below of course!

You might think that by playing online you’re avoiding a lot of the face to face awkwardness of a traditional bingo hall, but there are still a few pitfalls waiting to trip up the unwary, especially when it comes to chat room do’s and don’ts. The bingo chat room is the equivalent of a virtual bingo hall, where you can meet other players, swap tips, have a bit of a laugh and play a side game or two. Just like the physical bingo hall, the chat room has certain rules that players are expected to abide by so everyone can have a safe, conflict-free and enjoyable time.

Why bother with bingo etiquette?

By following the right online bingo etiquette you’re contributing to the friendly, enjoyable and social environment that bingo is so well known for. Just like land-based bingo, online bingo has a strong sense of community. By following the rules you’ll be able to build those strong relationships with other players that can lead to a real sense of belonging. Bingo etiquette is not meant to be restrictive, it’s there to ensure a safe, relaxed environment and help all players get the most out of their online bingo experience.

The 10 golden rules of bingo chat rooms

The Etiquette of Online Bingo

Even if you’re a seasoned land-based bingo player, there are a few rules that are unique to the world of online bingo so it’s a good idea to brush up. Chatrooms can be confusing places, with lots going on and it’s easy to make a mistake. Start out on the right foot and avoid annoying your fellow roomies by getting to grips with the main dos and don’ts.

  1. Do respect the bingo chat room host. Each and every bingo chat room is presided over by a bingo host. This person is there to keep the peace, ensure everyone is having a good time and liven things up from time to time. If you want to keep your chat room privileges, steer clear of distracting or interrupting your host at any time and always be polite and courteous when you speak to them. If you have a complaint about the chat host, use the site’s regular complaint channels, don’t pick a fight in the chat room.
  2. Don’t sponge off other players. This should go without saying, but we’ll mention it anyway. Asking for bonuses, gifts or loans when you run out of money is not cool and it can even get you banned from the bingo site altogether. Most chat rooms have this stated openly in their rules so there’s no room for misinterpretation. If you are on a losing streak it’s better to bow out gracefully and try again another day.
  3. Don’t use capital letters to type in the chat room. There are two reasons for this. Hosts are usually identifiable by their use of all caps when they type – this is so everyone knows who is running the chatroom. If you start typing in all caps, you’re going to confuse everyone and annoy the host. The other reason is that typing in all caps is considered equivalent to shouting when you’re online, and this makes you come across as aggressive or rude. The only exception to the capital letters rule is if the chat host requests you to type something in capitals as part of a game.
  4. Don’t use inappropriate usernames. A risqué username might be funny and harmless to you, but it could be offensive to someone else. If your chat name is considered inappropriate you may be asked to change it, or you may be banned altogether, so keep it clean and inoffensive. This doesn’t just apply to usernames, but to your language in general. Swearing is generally frowned on and should be avoided when you’re chatting.
  5. Don’t promote other bingo sites in the chat room. This should be pretty obvious, but it still seems to happen. Promoting competitor bingo sites is heavily frowned on, and it could get you banned from the chat if not the entire bingo site.
  6. Do be nice. This is not just bingo etiquette, but good manners in general. Avoid harassing other players and making racist or sexual comments and always be respectful, even if you disagree with someone. Most bingo chat rooms have a clear code of conduct that is listed at the top of the room. Check before you post to make sure you’re not breaking the rules.
  7. Do make your complaints to the appropriate people. Game chat rooms are not the place to vent your frustrations about the bingo operator, as they can be disruptive to the flow of conversation and the chat hosts won’t be able to fix the problem anyway. Contact customer support to deal with complaints.
  8. Respect everyone’s privacy. One of the benefits of playing bingo online is the anonymity and this should be respected at all times. Many players use a pseudonym for the sake of privacy or because they are security conscious and don’t want to risk their personal information falling into the wrong hands. Don’t hand out your personal email address, phone number or other information in the chat rooms, or solicit other players for theirs.
  9. Don’t impersonate other players in the chat. It’s important to respect the chat room and other players and that includes not impersonating them, even for a joke. Most chat moderators will take impersonation very seriously and you could end up banned from the chat room or the entire site.
  10. Do welcome new players and make them feel at home. It doesn’t take long to get comfortable at a new bingo site and if you follow these guidelines, you’ll make friends quickly. It’s easy to forget how intimidating it is coming into a new community where everyone seems to know each other. Take the time to welcome new players and help them feel comfortable, they’ll appreciate it just as you did when you were a newbie.

What should you do if you accidentally break the rules?

If you break the rules of bingo etiquette accidentally, the next steps will depend on how serious the breach is. If it’s a small mistake like accidentally leaving caps lock on or inadvertently offending someone with a misconstrued comment, a simple apology may be enough to resolve the issue and let everyone move on.

For more serious breaches you may face disciplinary action, even if you didn’t realise you were breaking the rules. The chat moderators have the authority to ban you from the chat room you’re in and from other chat rooms on the site. They can even ban you from the site itself in serious cases.

What if another player breaks the rules?

If you are upset or offended by another player, it’s best not to take it up with them directly. Unfortunately, if you get into an argument with another player, even if you were not the one who started it, it could lead to you both being banned. Your best option, in this case, is to speak to your chat moderator. If you don’t feel they have resolved the matter effectively, or if you don’t feel comfortable bringing it up with them, try the customer support team.

Bingo etiquette is there to make the experience of playing online a safe and enjoyable one for everyone. By following the rules and treating everyone with respect you can have an enjoyable bingo experience and make lifelong friends among the thriving online bingo community.