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mrs williams - please change the adverts, they are cringe worthy, and absolutely stupid. Mr Winner or whatever his name is, cannot act for the life of him. If anything its enough to put people off playing winner bingo.

- 27th Apr 2015
ASA defend ‘eccentric’ Winner Bingo TV ads

Maryann - I absolutely hate this advert!! I really do not understand why this man thinks acting like a nutter makes us bingo players want to join him lol I now avoid winner bingo because it's changed so much. I preferred the old way with the old hosts Ava and the team…

- 26th Apr 2015
New weird and wonderful Winner Bingo TV ad

mrX - Using already decoded letters' use numbers , A =1 B=2 etc... 1. Symbols means that you have to add number together from both sides. 2.Three letters before a numbers- Pull numbers together 1 and 2 becomes 12 3. Number 9 , counts as a number when in start of a…

- 16th Apr 2015
The Unsolved Zodiac Killer Cipher: Can You Crack The Code?